About Us

Hello friends, you are very welcome, DR, Farooq RAZA KHAN, friends, I am from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, I have done all my work very hard and I am starting from 2022, this is my first blog, from this First I work on my channel whose name is Farooq Raza Coaching Class in which more than 5000 students are connected with me i.e. he gives maths science physics chemistry biology classes for free..
I have done my studies from Dehradun itself, I have got first division in all classes.

After MSc Maths I prepared for my neet in which I got success and PhD is going on this block of mine for those children who want to prepare well what is here I will give all types of topics in which along with school- With this, emphasis will be given on improving our life behavior, everyone is good, work hard, I want everyone to get help after my website, it will be a very good thing